The Vibrant Edges is a ministry that is in its infancy stages ... at least in the real world, although it has been in my heart and mind for quite a while.

My name is Murphy Gill and I have been a pastor in some capacity in a traditional church setting for nearly 30 years. But over the last several years God has very intentionally shifted my focus to extending his hands, feet and voice into the lives of those who find themselves out on the margins ... or the edges ... of the churchey world. My heart is to work toward reconnection and especially toward full inclusion into a life of relationship with God for those who feel disconnected from him and from the church. My hope is that I can be a voice of restoration and reconciliation and maybe even of renewal and reconnection for people who feel that they have been, for whatever reason, kicked out, pushed out or otherwise ostracized from the traditional church.

I also hope to begin an IRL discussion group / bible study group in the very near future in East Nashville, Tennessee. If you are in the area and have any interest in joining us, email me at and I'll be sure to connect with you.